Energy Make Over’s, Feng Shui and Reiki Treatments

I’m passionate about reiki and healing. I love the way my work can enable your own body’s healing.
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Feng Shui,reiki and energy makeovers bring serenity to you and your living spaces. This is self-care for your home.
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Learn the 3 levels of reiki, each one building on the next. Leading you to a deeper knowledge of ‘universal energy’.
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Creating calm, joy and harmony for you and where you live

Home is a tranquil place, a sanctuary full of joy and nurturing energies. The flow of energy through your home ideally feels in synchronicity with the rest of your life. When you and your living space is in harmony you naturally feel joy and that is reflected in the energy of your home

Living spaces are mirrored reflections of our lives. If your home environment is out of sorts and doesn’t feel in flow, it can influence how you’re feeling and vice versa is true too. If you feel you or your home doesn’t have that zing about it, perhaps you’d like to consider an energy make-over?  A home energy clearing can help rejuvenate you and your home, emotionally and physically.  I can help bring a sense of joy, equilibrium and harmony to you and your living spaces. With over 15 years of experience rejuvenating people, their homes, and workspaces I transform and nurture creating inspiring places.

My experience of reiki, Feng Shui, and energy clearing gives me the knowledge of how to help bring about these positive changes in your unique home, for you and those living with you.

Reiki is an ancient technique rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, in the early 20th century. The Japanese word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’, the energy that encompasses everything around you. Eastern medicine is based on this and works with this force for your benefit. Known as ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Acupuncture, T’ai chi and Yoga are also based on recognizing and using the flow of this energy for health and wellbeing.

Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’, these two connect with the light and shadow in your life and are reflected in your living spaces. The energy balancing and opening of people and spaces through my work, enables the creation of harmony and equilibrium. The basis of this is a holistic and ancient process for the greater good of you and your living space. This transforms the location and everyone living and working there.

 What people say about me…

– “My family’s experience of Heidi’s professionalism and expertise and knowledge is beyond compare. Combined with her kind and caring personality, it made the whole process of reiki and space clearing for our home a very positive experience, I only wish we did it sooner!”

– “After several sessions with Heidi I felt more confident than I have in years. I didn’t realise how overwhelmed I had become until Heidi managed to get rid of my fear! I highly recommend her service.”

– “Reiki makes me feel like all the stress has gone and I’m full of inner peace.”

 – “Heidi has been doing this for so long and with such dedication, that it’s second nature. You’re amazing! …. really stand out as unpretentious and totally honest, and so so kind. You really made such a positive imprint in my life.

– “We really appreciate the work Heidi did for us; energy clearing the space after we had moved into our new clinic in London. Heidi is lovely, and has a very professional and healing nature. We had been recommended by a friend and are so glad we did. Heidi gave us reiki sessions individually with specific advice for each of us to feel as good as possible. Our clinic space feels so clear and peaceful now thanks to Heidi’s extensive and thorough work on the area! Heidi also gives you a thorough report explaining everything she did and what she found, which she also talks through with you, giving you tips to enhance the energy in the area. It honestly all made such a difference and our clinic has been thriving ever since!
Thanks again for all your work Heidi and we look forward to our next session in the future.
Highly recommend to everyone.”

Chiropractic Alchemy – London

What I offer and how I can help you

I am a reiki practitioner and teacher, Feng Shui consultant and energy freeing expert for people and places, helping people and places to find inner peace, using reiki, energy clearing and Feng Shui.

Your consultation and energy make over session will include a unique report detailing my work with suggestions for you and your home. I offer these consultations in person or virtually, for those living outside of the UK.

One to one reiki and group reiki with meditations. I can provide home sessions for those who aren’t able to join me in person.

Remote reiki healing, wherever you maybe in the world for you.

Learing levels of Reiki

Learn the three levels of the traditional Usui reiki, including selfcare techniques using crystals, reiki and meditations.

Each level includes three ceremonies in the workshops called attunements, where you’ll be introduced to the Usui method of using symbols to activate reiki at anytime and any place.

The first level enables you to develop a self practice to benefit your own wellbeing and you’ll be able to share reiki with those close to you.

The second level you’ll learn to practice reiki on others outside of your friends and family and you’ll be able to set up your own practice with additional support.

The third level expands your knowledge of the healing energy, increasing your ability to use reiki on people and your surroundings. If you’d like to continue your studying, you’ll further learn how to teach and inducting other’s to reiki energy through a unique ceremony called an attunement.

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