About Heidi Lerner Rearden

Passing on kindness, gratitude and compassion

I was introduced to Reiki as one of the modules being taught at an holistic medicine workshop.

After my first practice session, the person I was giving Reiki to said she had never felt so loved! What an amazing experience and what energy, I thought.

I am going to do this to improve my own and the lives of others.
– Heidi Rearden Reiki Master

Reiki Feng Shui in Bath with Heidi Rearden

I’ve been practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for over 30 years, it is a practice for oneself and others. So finding Reiki has been part of my journey in life to help others as well as myself.

I come from a medical family, my parents were both paediatricians, before they retired. Growing up I learnt from them the importance of caring for others. This has giving me a sense of being at the cross roads of science and spirituality to support others in their search for happiness and well-being.

I’m so passionate about Reiki because to me it is a heart based holistic therapy.

For me Reiki is an enabling energy that encourages one’s own body to heal itself.

I use my Buddhist practice while giving Reiki, chanting to myself as I pass on the energy for the best possible outcome for the Reiki client.

“When you cling to one set idea, you can’t respond to changes. Most people think that illness should be left entirely up to doctors. There is a certain degree of truth in that assumption, but I also believe that we can respond to illness by realizing that we ourselves are not only the patient but to some extent our own doctors as well.”
– Daisaku Ikeda;  Educator, Buddhist Philosopher and peacemaker

What clients say about Heidi

The sessions themselves are very relaxing to the point that I occasionally fall asleep. After the sessions Heidi feeds back information from the session that is always useful and intuitive. On one occasion, I had a moderate pain, which disappeared after the Reiki.

Heidi is an excellent Reiki practitioner. She seems to have a special gift in using energy medicine to help people to heal. I love her sessions, they are always comforting, deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Afterwards, I sleep deeply and feel energised the day after.

I feel as though I’ve had a whole nights sleep!

Reiki Feng Shui in Bath with Heidi Rearden

Having a Reiki session with Heidi is always something I look forward to. No matter how rushed or distracted I might have been when I arrive, Heidi is always able to slow me down and help me to feel calm and peaceful.”

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