About Reiki

About Reiki

Reiki is an enabling gentle energy which can help to relieve stress and disease (dis-ease) in people and animals on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It can help improve well being and bring about balance. The energy received can be used by the person to help restore their own balance of health and happiness.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki which  can be used to release emotional experiences that we might hold onto in our bodies. If these experiences are not acknowledged and resolved, they can sometimes cause pain and illness.

Reiki is an energy which is for all who are open to it, it can enable an individual’s own healing process and can be used for themselves and others. Whether sceptical or accepting, everyone can benefit from Reiki.

Reiki Guidance

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Honour those around you

Respect the oneness of all life

Show gratitude

Make your living with joy

“The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul. Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his soul to be cured, for this is the great error of our day, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.
– Plato

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