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Reiki Courses in Bath

Passing knowledge on

“In any field the person who aids the development of another may be regarded as a mentor … surely this is nothing other than the shared pledge with the learner to relieve others from suffering.” Daisaku Ikeda: Educator, Buddhist Philosopher and peacemaker

A climate of good health

Teaching Reiki,  its principles and its techniques,  because creating a climate of calmness is something worth sharing. I feel passionate that I should share Reiki  with as many people as possible.

Self-contained levels of learning for Reiki courses in Bath

I teach the three levels of Reiki each building on the previous level. This enables you to feel in control of your Reiki skills at every level and use them creatively for yourself and others.

Reiki Level I is about enabling the healing process in yourself and those close to you including plants and animals.

Reiki Level II is where you learn how to send Reiki to people regardless of location and time, without being physically present with the recipient. This is called Distance Reiki. After completing this level you can practice Reiki on others outside your family and friends. You can also start up your own Reiki practice.

Reiki level III is the Master and Teacher level where you learn to pass on the subtleties of the practice and teach Reiki to others.

Building Reiki energy

I will teach you how to use Reiki energy on yourself. From a simple start of deep breathing exercises and guided meditation, you will learn how to tune into your physical body slowly and ‘scan’ yourself. You will learn to observe where you are holding tension or stress. This is the beginning, the process of building Reiki energy, which  you can use on yourself and also then be passed on to others.

Reiki 1 at The Bath College Love2Learn Saturday October 16th 2021

You can book the one day course through The Bath College’s website and if you have questions, email me directly at heidi@heidireiki.com


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