Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

Reiki for you

Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

Working with you to enhance your well-being – enabling healing of people

Reiki works because it is based on ancient, proven principles of good health and happiness. I use your own bodies energy map of major energy points, ‘Chakras’. Energy flows through these points to keep your organs around them working in a balanced and flowing way. If the energy is blocked it may cause stress and tension and could lead to illness.

The practice of Reiki can allow you to change to a better feeling. Everyday I witness the transformation Reiki can give to people. Many people experience less stress and develop a greater calmness and happiness after having regular Reiki sessions.

“I have been visiting Heidi for over 3 years now. Initially I started having regular Reiki sessions to help to deal with a number of bereavements I had experienced.

The Reiki sessions have really helped to bring some calm and peace to my life and Heidi is so welcoming and friendly.

I really value Heidi’s experience and would definitely recommend.” 

Maria says…

“Enabling seemingly negative aspects of life to transform to a more positive way of living. Having a Reiki session with Heidi is always something I look forward to. No matter how rushed or distracted I might have been when I arrive, Heidi is always able to slow me down and help me to feel calm and peaceful.

The sessions themselves are very relaxing to the point that I occasionally fall asleep. After the sessions Heidi feeds back information from the session that is always useful and intuitive. Heidi is an excellent Reiki practitioner. She seems to have a special gift in using energy medicine to help people to heal. I love her sessions, they are always comforting, deeply relaxing and enjoyable. Afterwards, I sleep deeply and feel energised.” 

An enabling energy

I’m passionate about Reiki because, to me, it is an enabling energy. It encourages your own body towards self healing.

I also use my Buddhist practice while giving Reiki, silently chanting to myself as I pass on the energy for the best possible outcome for you.

Releasing tension

You may find that you hold physical stress and tension in your body and then experience a release and balance through regular sessions. In a similar way, as you “hold your breath” and immediately you will feel a rise in tension. Reiki works on emotional and physical levels. You can accept and use the energy in the best way for your own wellbeing.

Tools for enabling energy

Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

Emotional & physical tension release

Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

Sam says…

“I have been suffering with a whiplash injury following an accident 2 years ago.

I have tried conventional pain relief, physiotherapy and acupuncture but nothing worked! This definitely is!

I was a little apprehensive but Heidi is informative, calm and a true professional. I found the whole experience extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Thank you Heidi!” 

Ancient wisdom

“The process of changing poison into medicine begins when we approach difficult experiences as an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to strengthen and develop our courage and compassion. Suffering can thus serve as a springboard for a deeper experience of happiness.”
– Nichiren Daishonin, Buddhist Monk

Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

Reiki treatments in Bath, Bristol and London

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