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Feng Shui and Energetic Space Clearing in Bath, Bristol & London

Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water

These two connect with the light and shadow in your life and are reflected in your living spaces.

The basis of this is a holistic and ancient process for the greater good of you and your living space.

This transforms the location and everyone living and working there.

The energy balancing and opening of people and spaces through my work, enables the creation of harmony and equilibrium.

Creating calm, joy and harmony for you and where you live

Home is a tranquil place, a sanctuary full of joy and nurturing energies. The flow of energy through your home ideally feels in synchronicity with the rest of your life. When you and your living space is in harmony you naturally feel joy and that is reflected in the energy of your home.

Living spaces are mirrored reflections of our lives. If your home environment is out of sorts and doesn’t feel in flow, it can influence how you’re feeling and vice versa is true too. If you feel you or your home doesn’t have that zing about it, perhaps you’d like to consider an energy make-over? 

A home energy clearing can help rejuvenate you and your home, emotionally and physically.  I can help bring a sense of joy, equilibrium and harmony to you and your living spaces.

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Heidi Learner Rearden Feng Shui consultant

Helen says…

“My family’s experience of Heidi’s professionalism and expertise and knowledge is beyond compare.

Combined with her kind and caring personality, it made the whole process of reiki and space clearing for our home a very positive experience, I only wish we did it sooner!”

Balance in all things

The greatest architects and artists throughout the ages have used the principle of balance, called The Golden Mean; a ‘desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency.’

We work together to alter the energy in spaces and places.

Our aim is to balance the energy of all things in that space to create harmony and flow.

Peaceful place to be

You may sense an uneasy feeling in a room. Maybe you’ve experienced when something doesn’t feel ‘quite right’ and sometimes things may be described as ‘out of kilter’.

By using Reiki and other techniques, I can help identify and shift energy blocks that can occur through emotional upset and other environmental factors. Then your home, office or any place where people interact can become a place of calm, creativity and joy.

A sense of direction

Energy is flowing in and around animate and inanimate things and distress can be caused when energy isn’t able to flow smoothly.

The multi-talented designer Sir Terence Conran once commented: “if our homes should provide anything, they should provide a sense of connection balanced by a sense of direction and progress.”

It is this that I aim to create for you.

Tools to balance all things

Creating a flow of energy

Flowing Dialogue

As with everything connected to Reiki, communication and dialogue with clients is key to keeping clear energy flowing.

Day-to-day conversations with people keeping in touch with friends and family are flow, for example the conversations you have over the dinning room table.

I can help let the energy flow through your house and find a calmness.

How it works

Each living space is unique. I offer bespoke packages that we can design together, to make sure you have the best possible outcome for you , your home and those living with you. I’m able to offer in person and if you’d prefer, remote healing of your home.

If you’d like a bespoke healing for your home, we can find the best and most peaceful way for you to enjoy this transfomation. The Feng Shui offering and Energy Healing can be done together or individually for the best possible healing and your happiness.

You and your living space will enjoy peace, calm and flowing energy. I’m able to return to ‘top-up’ anytime you feel your home is in need of it. I can do this for you in person or with remote sessions.

What’s included in your Energy and Feng Shui Consultation

  • Your initial consultation with me on the phone or in person.
  • Preparation work before I coming to see your home.
  • On the day, Reiki and energy balancing/cleansing ceremony for you and for anyone living in your home who would also like this healing. This can be arranged for them in person or can be done remotely.
  • The Reiki and Feng shui on your home will usually take 4 to 6 hours, on the day of my visiting, in person or remotely.
  • A follow up meeting together or phone call on the day.
  • A report prepared for you which we will go through together.
  • Offering recommendations for harmony using Feng Shui remedies and materials which will help to carry on with the healing of your home.
  • After we’ve had the follow up, I’m available to speak to answer any questions you may have. We can decide together if any further healing is needed.
  • On average my work takes approximately 2 days in total.

Cost for Feng Shui & Energy Clearing together

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing are bespoke services that I offer. The most popular choice is to have Feng Shui and Energy Clearing together. As a guide, a combined package for a 5 room home is £425.

Working remotely using, Feng Shui, Reiki and Energy Clearing this fee is £225, depending on the size of your home or office.

Get in touch and book a discovery call and I will prepare a bespoke package for you and your home.

When I’ve finished the work and you’ve met to go through your report, I can support you over the phone or video call and we can discuss if any additional time might be needed we can discuss if further work is needed for you.

Looking for either 1 or the other?

I also offer stand alone bespoke consultations for either Feng Shui or Energy Clearing. Please contact me to discuss.

My vision is for you to have the best possible experience from my working with you and your home.

Using my knowledge and expertise of Reiki, Feng Shui and energy, I will help you and your home, and all who live there, to be happier, healthier and have a place to call home you and all enjoy.

Since 2008 I have been helping to rejuvenate people, their homes, and workspaces. Transforming and nurturing inspiring places.

Reiki is an ancient technique rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologian, in the early 20th century. The Japanese word Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’, the energy that encompasses everything around you. Eastern medicine is based on this and works with this force for your benefit. Known as ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Acupuncture, T’ai chi and Yoga are also based on recognizing and using the flow of this energy for health and wellbeing.

I am based in Bath, UK and am able to travel the surrounding areas, other parts of the UK and London and I am also able to travel further afield.

My work is also done remotely, if I’m not able to visit you in person. Traveling expenses are additional depending on the distance.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you and your home to feel happier and harmonious.

Feng Shui in Bath, Bristol and London

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